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SWIFT global payments

Send and receive international payments to and from 100+ countries directly from your Narvi business account

Our business accounts are optimized for global payments

Narvi is connected to the European Central Bank’s (ECB) Target2 Banking system and the SWIFT network for global transfers.

SWIFT iban

The benefits of your SWIFT-enabled business account

  • Use one IBAN account to send and receive payments globally.

  • SWIFT payments help you comply with local payment regulations and standards.

  • Many countries require import or export payments to be made via SWIFT.

  • Our direct connection to SWIFT allows for faster payments.

  • Track payments online

  • Connect to over 11,000 banks globally

Sending & receiving

Over 11,000 banks from over 100 countries are connected to the SWIFT network.

Any of these approved banks can send and receive payments to and from your Narvi business account.

Receive international wires

  1. Simply provide your Narvi IBAN details to the sender.

  2. Their bank will then send euros to your Narvi account via the SWIFT network.

  3. These payment transfers can take between 1-5 days depending on the infrastructure of the sender’s bank and their banking network.

Send international payments

  1. Use our intuitive banking portal to send payments globally.

  2. Based on the country selected, our system will automatically ask you for the details required.

  3. Once the payment has been sent, you can track it on your dashboard.

  4. The payment will take between 1-3 days to arrive.

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