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Better banking
in borderless business

Based in Finland, we are dedicated to delivering safe, effective, and efficient solutions for online businesses across the European Union and beyond

What we offer

A new-age banking solution tailored to business

Our one-stop solution means that you can serve local and international clients and grow your business without hassle

Seamless banking

Handle the day-to-day needs of your business, and access your funds when you need them

Borderless payments

Focus on what your customers want, not where they are from

Banking as a Service (BaaS)

Add banking services to your business through the power of API

We aim to provide a robust and straightforward banking solution for businesses

A Product that fits today's world, ready to be used with flexible APIs, allows you to scale your payment needs with ease

How we are different

A secure solution in a changing world

New solutions are emerging all the time. But which ones can you trust? Our firm is founded on principles that business owners can rely on.


We prioritize efficiency so that we can spend our time and effort on adding value, not fighting fires


We’re located in Nordics, and we are not going anywhere! You can rest assured we’re with you for the long haul


Our experienced team is focused on building the best product in the market, to give you the best chance of achieving your business goals

This is the inspiration behind Narvi

We’re continually developing tools, services, and ideas that will make your business life safe, smooth, and secure. Perfection is an unending journey, we’re pleased to have you join us!

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Narvi operates under Narvi Payments Oy Ab and it is regulated as an E-money Institution.

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