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Vision and Product Roadmap

The vision of our company is driven by Finnish and Nordic concepts of building beautiful and elegant minimalist products.

Personalized banking

Private Banking experience for Businesses. Let us make banking more personal

The trend and focus in fintech has been on scalability and providing simple products that can be scaled to millions of users. Unfortunately, this has led to terrible customer support and frustration for customers.

Our experience in this market tells us that a large number of higher-turnover businesses are not necessarily looking for a cheap solution but a solution that is customizable and with strong support.

Our Goal at Narvi Payments is to

Provide a mix of flexible payment technology with a human touch

Work with a smaller selection of clients to provide them with personalized support

Advise and tailor a payment solution that covers all aspects of their business

building pillars

Core values

API first and Modular

Our IT development is focused on being API first. We also take a modular approach where we add features in a modular way to our core banking technology. This allows us to incorporate new features on a regular basis and release them to our clients on a regular basis

Strong KYC and Compliance

Our vision includes strong KYC and compliance with our customers, which allows us to integrate multiple banking and payment solutions onto our platform in order to provide a custom and fully flexible solution to our customers.

Our product design philosophy is about making things easy to use and intuitive

We built our own technology and only incorporate payments technology which allows us to automate all processes and gives our users a smooth and amazing user experience.



The name Narvi is inspired by the word Moon in the Finnish and Nordic languages. The Scandinavian minimalism philosophy is also an important philosophical influence on our design and products.

Simple, practical, and beautiful products that integrate easily with one another and are easy to use are our goals.

Our Plan

Upcoming Product Roadmap

Phase 1

Business Bank Accounts including SEPA IBANs, and Named IBAN accounts

Phase 2

SWIFT global transfers on dedicated IBAN.

Phase 3

API for use with a business account

Phase 4

Banking as a Service

Phase 5

Multi-currency accounts, IBANs that can receive, send and convert different currencies

Phase 6

Virtual Visa/master cards to make online payments and connect to Apple Pay and Google Pay

Open your Business Bank Account

Set up your bank account completely online and access SEPA and SWIFT payments immediately.