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The Narvi Help Center offers all the resources, from inviting multiple users to downloading statements, you'll find all the information you need to manage your account confidently and effectively.


Detailed guides for the Narvi services

Find all the information you need from Opening and managing your Narvi account til integrating Narvi's backend API

Detailed guide for completing the onboarding process

Check out our step-by-step guide to ease you through the Narvi onboarding process. Our intuitive 4-step system will allow you to provide all the information you need to set up an account for your business.

Integrating with Narvi's Backend API

Here, you'll find all the information you need to seamlessly integrate with our backend using our REST API and our dedicated Node.js integration library.
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Managing Your Narvi Account

A Guide for Large Transactions

If you need to process a large transaction through your Narvi account, our team may need to verify additional information about your specific business activity and the transaction.

How to Change Your Two-Factor Authentication Method

Narvi offers different methods of two-factor authentication (2FA) so you can choose which is the most secure and convenient for your business.

How to send money with your Narvi Account

The “Send money” tab in your Narvi account allows you to make transfers to different beneficiaries and recipients in the SEPA zone.

How to add, edit & delete recipients for your business account

Narvi Payments makes it easy to manage all recipients connected to your business account. Learn how to add trusted recipients, delete or edit saved contacts, and more.

Multi-user guide to your Narvi Business Account

Narvi allows you to add multiple users to one account. This guide will explain how to add multiple users as an admin and how you can accept an access invitation as a user.

How to change the company address

Changing a company address in a business account can bring several benefits, including updated information, legal compliance, and improved credibility. It is a simple step that can help ensure accuracy, compliance, and overall success for the company.

Accept your invitation to join a Narvi Business Account

This guide will explain how you can accept an access invitation as a user.

How to add multiple entities to your Narvi Business Account

Add multiple entities to the Narvi Business Account. This feature offers a variety of benefits, from simplifying financial management to enhancing credibility and securing better financing options

How to download CSVs and PDFs

Downloading CSVs and PDFs from business bank accounts provides a convenient way for business owners to keep a record of all their financial transactions, access financial information from any device, and perform financial analysis.
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Useful information

Navigating the financial segment as an AML regulated entity

In the intricate world of financial regulations, onboarding a business demands a profound understanding of crucial elements that define its nature and operations. Read the most common questions here.

List of Approved Phone numbers for the SMS verification

Securing your business banking information is our top priority at Narvi. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of approved phone numbers to use for SMS verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Narvi is regulated as an Electronic Money Institution. We are required to protect your money and keep it safe by following strict safeguards and segregation of funds rules. All of our customers’ funds are held in the European Union at reputable banks. All of these funds are currently held as cash deposits with our Banking partners. We also undergo regular stress tests and audits to ensure that we meet both security and regulatory standards.
Narvi provides you with your own unique IBAN (International Bank Account Number). This means that all payments are sent and received under your company name. When you make payments, your company’s name and IBAN will appear on the recipient’s bank statement.
We can currently onboard customers based in any European country and many other countries worldwide. Almost all companies that are incorporated in the European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA) can be easily onboarded to Narvi.  We are also able to onboard some customers whose companies are incorporated outside the EU/EEA. Please contact us to confirm if we are currently able to onboard your company or simply start our digital onboarding process, submit your application and our team will get back to you.
For now, we will only be supporting balances and transfers in euros. Multi-currency accounts require more extensive agreements with local banking partners. We are considering adding other major currencies at some point in the future.
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