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Legal documents

Welcome to our comprehensive repository, where we've compiled all the essential legal documents for our business account. From terms and conditions to privacy policies, this centralized hub ensures easy access to the legal framework that governs our operations.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

These "Terms of Use" include important information about our company and you as our customer. We encourage you to read it carefully.


Privacy Policy

Here, we outline how we collect, use, and protect your personal information, ensuring a secure and informed experience as you engage with our services.


Crypto Terms and Conditions

Our Crypto Terms and Conditions cover important aspects such as the use of crypto within our platform, transaction limits and fees, regulatory compliance, and much more. With these conditions in place, our users can rest assured that their transactions are being carried out securely and transparently.

Link to our Cryptocurrency TM

Crypto Assets

Crypto Assets Risk Warning

At Narvi Payments, we offer industry-leading security for our crypto business accounts. Read our document about our Crypto Assets risk warning.

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