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Affiliates and partners

Narvi provides an affiliate and partner program to introduce your clients to our banking services.

Partner dashboard

Narvi has built a dashboard where you can track all of the clients that you introduced and the commissions you’ve earned over time in a transparent manner.

The benefits of the Narvi affiliate program:

Fast and digital onboarding of clients

Easily clients you’ve introduced on your dashboard

Affiliate commissions are paid out monthly in perpetuity

See revenues generated in a transparent manner

As a boutique fintech company, we provide a high level of support to our clients and partners

We are a trusted, reliable and regulated partner to work with

Partner signup

How can you sign-up?

Please email the below information to affiliate@narvi.com. Our team will contact you to discuss the partnership opportunity.

  • Name of Company

  • Company ID or Tax ID (if signing up as an individual)

  • Name of person signing up

  • VAT number (if any)

  • Company address or private address (if signing up as an individual)

  • Overview of your customers (please provide an overview of the type of customers you will be introducing and industry geographies etc.)

VAT impact

Commission payouts

In general, financial institutions are treated as providing VAT-exempt services as per VAT rules in Europe. Paying out affiliate program commissions is not, however, treated as an exempt service by European regulators. Based on the recommendations of our accountants, we are compelled to deduct the Finnish VAT rate (24%) and pay it to the Finnish Tax authorities before paying out commissions.**


If a partner earns €100, the VAT is calculated as €100/1.24 => We therefore pay our partner: €80.64 and we pay the Finnish tax authorities: €19.36 (in this calculation 24% is added on top of €80.64).