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How to Change Your Two-Factor Authentication Method

Narvi offers different methods of two-factor authentication (2FA) so you can choose which is the most secure and convenient for your business.

Changing 2FA

Changing your two-factor authentication method has never been easier with Narvi. Here's a summary:

  1. Log in to your Narvi account with your SMS verification code

  2. Go to settings: two-factor-authentication

  3. then Change or Enable the authenticator app of your choice.

For more information on two-factor authentication and detailed steps on changing your 2FA method, please read the information below:

How does Narvi use two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a two-step verification process which provides enhanced login security for your Narvi account. When you create an account with Narvi, you will be sent an SMS as a second-factor authentication which will confirm your phone number.

From then, whenever you want to log in, make a transaction, or add users, you will be asked to complete SMS two-factor authentication. Our default authentication security method is SMS verification but you change this using any other secure dual-factor authentication method, for example, the Google Authenticator app. We support all applications with a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol.

Changing your method of two-factor authentication on the Narvi platform

Follow the steps below to change your method of two-factor authentication

  1. First, log in to your Narvi account and insert your SMS verification code.

2. From the dashboard, click on your company logo on the top right-hand side.

3. On the drop-down menu, click on settings.

4. In Settings, make sure you are on the Security tab. You will see the option to change or add a new two-factor authentication. If it is your first time adding a new authentication method, click Enable which is located below Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

If you have already connected to an authenticator app, you will see the option to Change the method.

5. Firstly, we will ask you to verify your registered email with a code sent to your email address. Once you have received the code, insert it into the designated field below.

6. You will then receive an SMS verification code that must be inserted into the designated field below.

7. Then, scan the QR code using your chosen authenticator app or manually fill in the provided code. The authenticator app will then generate a code which must be inserted below.

2FA implementation with the Google Authenticator App

There are many secure authentication methods, but we recommend using the Google Authenticator App as it is the most reliable method of 2FA security. The app is available on iOS and Android. Before going through the next steps, make sure to enable two-step verification with your Google Account.

8. On the Google Authenticator app, click Add a code.

9. Then, click either Scan a QR code or Enter a setup key.

10. On the Narvi platform, scan the QR code using the Google Authenticator app or insert the provided code manually into the app.

11. Google will then provide you with a code which you must insert into the Narvi platform.

You have successfully enabled a new method of two-factor authentication. You can now start using your chosen 2FA app every time two-factor authentication is required. 

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