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Beneficiaries and Recipient List: add, edit, delete, trust

Introducing our new recipient savings feature, designed to streamline business transactions. Add trusted recipients and save recipient profiles in the Narvi account.

Recipients tab

Our new “Recipients” tab in the Narvi banking app lets you easily find and save the details of people you regularly send money to. Additionally, by using the “Trusted Recipient” feature, you can avoid doing two-factor authentication for selected people.

There are three key benefits to our new “Recipients” feature.

Pay “Trusted Recipients” Without Two-Factor Authentication

Normally, whenever you make a new payment you must confirm this transaction with two-factor authentication. 

However, the “Trusted Recipients” feature allows you to pre-approve beneficiaries (recipients) so that, when completing a transfer, two-factor authentication is not required. 

Please note, for security reasons, we may still ask for two-factor authentication if the transfer is large or if our system detects unusual activity.

How to add a Trusted Recipient?

There are two ways of adding a “Trusted Recipient”: 

The first way is to go to the “Recipients” list, click “Edit”, then check the box “Trust this Recipient” and “Confirm”. You will be asked for two-factor authentication via SMS this time, but you won’t normally be for further payments.

A second way is to click on the “Recipients” tab and then “Add Recipient”. From there, you can add the recipient’s details and then check the box “Trust this Recipient”.

Easily Find Recipients

You can quickly find recipients that you have saved or paid money to previously. To do this, click “Recipients” and begin typing in the search bar until you see the relevant person. Once you click on them, it will pre-fill all the information; you will just have to fill in the amount and description of the transaction. 

Add to and Edit the “Recipients” List

Our “Recipients” list allows you to easily add to and edit your saved recipients. To add a recipient, click “Add Recipient” in the “Recipients” tab and fill in their details before making a payment.

When you click on a recipient you have saved to your list, you are provided with three options:

Firstly, you can delete the recipient, where they will be deleted from the “Recipients” list. Naturally, any transactions related to these recipients are not deleted; they will still be in the transaction history but no longer in your “Recipients” list.

Secondly, you can edit the recipient: for example, change the bank account details or assign them as a “Trusted Recipient”.

Finally, you can send money to the recipient. When you click on “Send Money” it will preload the details and you just have to put in the amount and description.

Our new “Recipients” features allow for even faster banking and organized transfers.

You can now access all of your recipients in one place and the “Trusted Recipient” feature solves the problem of going through two-factor authentication for repeat payments.

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