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Banking as a Service (BaaS)

Build your own bank. Use Narvi's APIs and core banking solutions to build new products and integrate banking into your platform.

Why use a BaaS solution

Whether you dream of building a bank or building a next-generation digital platform, monetizing and integrating payments should be a fundamental part of your business model.

The problem

  • Getting a License and banking integration can take between 2-4 years in total

  • You want to launch your product now

  • Building your own payment platform is expensive and time-consuming

  • You’re having difficulty obtaining all the required documentation and dealing with the paperwork (KYC)

  • You have no access to the SEPA system or payment networks such as VISA and Mastercard

  • You don’t have time to build relationships with banks

Narvi's solution


Go to market with your product in 2-4 Months. Use our Banking as a Service APIs to automate and build your solution


We can provide regulatory and licensing cover, removing the need for you to get your own license. Come under our licensing umbrella


Narvi holds an Electronic Money Institution license from Finland and has passporting rights in 29 other European countries


We can handle your paperwork, background checks and KYC


Gain access to the SEPA euro banking system and other payment networks

Modular & API-driven

Our technology is built using modules for easy integration and access. We believe in being API-first so that all our services can be easily accessed giving you the freedom to build the platform you want.

Our team built our first payment solution back in 2015 which used fintech for transferring money and saved millions of dollars for our customers.

Since then, we have built crypto exchanges, payment platforms and entire core banking solutions. We channeled all of this knowledge and experience into building Narvi Payments.

Product Features

Features and advantages


Access to our easily embeddable fintech system


Full support and guidance for API integration




Instant clearing on the SEPA system


Generate unlimited real or virtual IBANs


A modern, sleek and easy-to-use interface

Ideate with our team

Talk to our banking and IT specialists to see how we can integrate payments and regulations into your business.