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We focus on building great products which our customers love with a strong focus on scaling and growth.

Remote team

Remote team

We are a remote-first startup but naturally as a regulated entity certain functions require us to have our staff based at our head office in Helsinki and in the European Union. 

With this flexibility comes personal responsibility. We place a heavy emphasis on managing your tasks and communicating internally to replace the traditional office culture.

Vision for Product Development and Growth

Original technology

Narvi builds its own technology, UX/UI, product strategy, marketing, and sales material.

Quality and Innovation

We believe that a focus on quality, creativity, and innovation in all areas will allow us to kill our competition as our products and strategies are better.


Our focus as a team is to keep creating a gap on all fronts between us and the run-of-the-mill Fintechs which offer no real innovation whether it comes to technology, UX/UI, or product branding.

we are hiring

Senior Python Developer - Remote

We are looking for a Senior Python Developer to expand our small remotely working team. Join us to develop internal core banking tools and customer-facing services for banking products. Systems developed by the group are used by customers daily and are critical to the company's success. They are based on Django and PostgreSQL and are deployed to AWS. In addition, you will play a central role in the development of new features and integration with third-party systems to improve the workflows of commercial teams worldwide.

Your responsibilities
  • Design and implement software solutions and integrations with third-party systems to support business activities.

  • Introduce and advocate for coding best practices, ensure well-tested and maintainable code.

  • Collaborate with other engineers, product managers and UX designers throughout the development to involve them in the decision making and set expectations.

  • Contribute to the documentation to share knowledge and increase the team's expertise.

  • Investigate and apply new technologies to make our systems simpler and more efficien

How we work and what we use
  • Agile management - Scrum

  • Issue tracking tool - Jira

  • Knowledge repository - Confluence

  • Provisioning - Ansible

  • Cloud infrastructure - AWS

  • Operating system - Linux

  • Application stack - Python

  • Version control system - GIT

  • Databases - PostgreSQL

Come work at Narvi

If you think you would be a good fit at Narvi and believe in our visions, feel free to reach out to us and send us your CV.