The Narvi Team

Narvi was founded by banking and fintech professionals. Bringing you the ease of business finance with years of experience.

The team

Professionalism and Experience

We are an international team of entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals in the Fintech industry on a mission to overcome current limitations in the financial environment. This purpose motivated us to create a better product to find alternatives to unnecessary fees, account limitations, and myriad other inconveniences for people who resonate with the idea that financial services should be convenient, transparent, and accessible to anyone.
Fintech Experts

Meet the Founders

Our deep knowledge of banking and payments, and our experience in building our own financial technology have allowed us to realize our dream of creating available payment solution systems.

Neil Ambikar

CFO & Co-FounderA finance and business professional with a degree in Finance. He used to work in New Zealand’s and Netherlands’ corporate world for 7 years as a business advisory and financial analyst. In 2015, he founded his first fintech company, which is still operating successfully today. He is also a chartered accountant in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.LinkedIn

Krzysztof Kuchta

CTO & Co-Founder An IT professional with a Ph.D. degree in Physics. He has over 10 years of experience in IT development and maintenance of complex IT systems. He is a specialist in building core banking and crypto exchange solutions. He develops scalable solutions that dramatically improve efficiency and productivity in our product.LinkedIn

Roman Mazur

COO & Co-FounderA financial analyst with a law degree. He has 8 years of extensive experience in the field of anti-money laundering and compliance both from well-established financial institutions and fintech unicorns, like Revolut. Right now, he is in charge of Narvi’s operations.LinkedIn
Making Narvi Possible

Team Leaders

It is impossible for a company to succeed without a strong team. Our completely remote team is here to help you make a seamless experience

Daniel Dumin

Lead Product DesignerDaniel is a designer focused on providing a great user experience at Narvi. He has worked on products from the fintech, cryptocurrency, banking and clinical research sectors.LinkedIn

Damian Drozd

Frontend DeveloperDamian is a Javascript developer with 3 years of experience in the banking and fintech sector.LinkedIn

Leszek Rutkowski 

Frontend DeveloperLeszek is a Javascript developer with 6 years of experience in building banking frontends. He is responsible for making the Narvi site easy to use and transparent for clients.LinkedIn

Adrián Velázquez

MLRO and RiskAdrián helps in the development and updating of Narvi's compliance programme and risk controls both in the crypto and fiat environments, as well as operational oversight. He worked in Senior Compliance roles at Klarna, TenX, Transferwise, and Revolut.LinkedIn

Gabriella Vázsonyi

Marketing ManagerAs a marketing manager, Gabriella helps to take care of Narvi’s digital assets and strategy and to find the best working online marketing practices for the company.LinkedIn

Macarena Mujica

Compliance Officer & Accounting SpecialistMacarena has 10+ years of professional experience in the banking and financial sector. She ensures that our company complies with its outside regulatory and legal requirements as well as internal policies and bylaws.LinkedIn

Eugene Volper

Data Analyst Eugene has more than 10 years of experience as a marketing and sales specialist. Right now, he is collecting and analyzing data related to Narvi to ensure our growth.LinkedIn

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