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Product Release - Multi-User Access

Multi-user access provides convenience, control, and security to the account holders. It allows multiple users to access the same banking account with different levels of access, making it easier to monitor account activity and maintain control over the account.

Multi user access

We are excited to announce that we have added some new features to the Narvi business account that we believe can enhance your banking experience. From now on you are able to add multiple users with different activity levels to your account.

Multi-User Access

You can now give access to your team to manage your account. This will help in delegating tasks and maintaining better control over your business finances. Users can be added with three access levels:

  • view access,

  • preparer, and

  • full admin access.

How to add multiple users to your business account

  1. Click on the "manage company" button on the bottom left side of your dashboard.

  2. Send an invitation to the team member you want to add by adding their email, and phone number for SMS, and selecting their access level.

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