Multi-user guide to your Narvi Business Account

Narvi allows you to add multiple users to one account. This guide will explain how to add multiple users as an admin and how you can accept an access invitation as a user.

Adding Multi-Users as an Admin

In a Narvi account, there are different levels of access: “admin”, “transfer preparer”, and “viewer”. To add a user you must be an admin.
First, log into your business account then click on “manage company” in the sidebar (bottom left).
Once you are in the “manage company” section, go to “team members” and then “+ invite”.
Then, provide the email address, phone number, and type of access for the new team member.The new user has 72 hours to accept the invitation or else it expires. If it expires you can simply re-invite them.As an admin, you can come back and check in your account at any time who has what type of access and also delete users.

Accepting a Multi-User Access Invitation

When you are invited to join a Narvi business account, you will receive an email. Start by clicking "accept invitation”.
Then click Continue. we will send you an SMS verification code. Your phone number was provided by the person who invited you.
If you are already registered with Narvi, you can simply log in. If you don’t, you will need to go through the process of creating an account.If you need to create an account and have been given “admin” access, you will also need to complete an ID verification because of compliance and security reasons. For “view” access and “preparer” access this is not required.
You should now see a dashboard with all of your company’s information. If you have “admin” access you can access the full amount of data on the dashboard and can edit users.
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