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Manage all your companies in one place

Get dedicated IBAN accounts for each of your companies. Access all your companies via one dashboard.

intercompany groups

Managing groups of companies or complex intercompany structures has never been easier.

Our online banking platform is built for the modern digital world that we live in where multiple users and companies interact with each other in different ways.

Onboard multiple companies

Use our online onboarding tool for companies to set up all your companies on one banking platform with one dashboard.

A unique IBAN for each company

Each company receives a dedicated IBAN account under the company's name. Funds are segregated and held separately in each company's unique account.

One Dashboard

Our modern interface allows you to access all your companies using the same login credentials. Simply use the dropdown menu at the top to select the company you want. Once selected, you can perform all the necessary payment actions for that entity.

Instant intercompany settlements

Funds transferred between companies on our platform are settled instantly. This allows you to manage your treasury operations efficiently and make sure balances and tax obligations are managed securely.

Group access

Give access to your employees, accountants, auditors or directors. They will only see the companies they have been given access to. Access is granted at the company level.


Download account statements in CSV format or integrate our API for easy reconciliation. Assign view-only access to accountants and auditors so they can access the data they need to perform their work.

company level management

Manage companies individually


A dedicated IBAN for each company


Download statements for the company online


Give access to staff, accountants, and auditors


Send and receive funds instantly within the group


Send and receive payments both inside and outside your group to third parties

Group level management

Manage intercompany payments and accesses


Access all your companies from a single login page and dashboard


Switch between companies by using the drop-down menu to perform individual company actions


Give appropriate group-level or entity-level access to users


Instant settlement within the group allows you to better manage taxes, suppliers, and salary commitments.


All funds are held in the European Union regardless of where the company is incorporated

Talk to one of our payments specialists about your group structure